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FarshadAsl 07 April 2020 0 Leadership

Resilient Leadership

Yesterday, Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned of the dangers for this week. "This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, and our 9/11 moment, only it's not going to be localized, it's going to be happening all over the country." Medical experts and scientists have sounded the alarm because they're anticipating a surge in deaths from COVID-19 this week.

"Leadership requires EDP: Expectations, Directions, and Permission"

The ominous prediction of the next several days and weeks ahead underscores the importance of prevention versus treatment of this potentially lethal disease. Further, it reveals how essential leadership has always been – but, especially during this global pandemic.

As an entrepreneur and business leader, there are significant elements from our country's collective response to this pandemic that parallel business fundamentals. Have you also noticed?

I believe there's a triad that predicts the success or failure of any leader. Expectations, direction, and confidence are the metrics that equate to effective leadership. Not only must a leader embody all three, they must be the embodiment of all three simultaneously. Let's break the components down of each one.

Expectations are the standards and boundaries which leaders utilize to communicate and help people effectively. Leadership without expectations leads to chaos. Case in point, imagine how differently and dangerously, we'd collectively be interacting with the world today, had Dr. Adams and the members of the President's Coronavirus Task Force not communicated their expectations of what this country needs to brace themselves to expect this week?

Direction empowers all to navigate where we want and need to be. As a business leader, I see the direction as the corollary to a well-developed mission statement. Living with a sense of mindfulness enables us to create strategy and purpose in life. Currently, our leaders' strategy for flattening the curve with COVID is through social distancing and self-quarantine.

Confidence (Permission) propels and empowers action. A confident outlook generates peace of mind and the ability to tackle obstacles with an acceptance of failure being a possible outcome. Confident people realize the value of taking calculated risks.

For me, confidence is like a stamp of approval to do what must be done, even while others have a contrasting vision or opinion. I empower others when I push them out of their comfort zones. Growth is only achieved through the discomfort of challenging our limiting beliefs.

During this challenging and unprecedented time, honestly evaluate how you’re feeling.

Are you allowing panic to overrule logic and create internal chaos and pandemonium? How are you navigating the dissemination of COVID facts and statistics? Does watching the news paralyze you from taking action to protect you, your family, and your business? Or are you managing your expectations with confidence and adapting strategies necessitated for living in this new world of normal?

Leadership in the office is as crucial as leadership at home. Both my staff and my family observe how I respond to them and too difficult situations. Taking notice that I never react.

It's continuously said that "we're all in this together." As a leader, I know that it only becomes more than a feel-good phrase when every single person manages their expectations, heeds the direction given, and has confidence that their actions will eradicate this disease.

During these uncertain times, exude the confidence to be forward-thinking. The day's coming when we'll return to restaurants and cafes and gyms and places of worship, and we'll have social gatherings again. And when we return to the grocery stores and dry cleaners, how we respond or react today – determines how much we'll appreciate what's currently been taken away and what was likely always taken for granted. When tomorrow comes, I pray we can see with eyes of wonder what we’re missing most now.

FarshadAsl 07 April 2020 0 Leadership

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